Brigs in the law texts

The law texts are wonderfully rich sources of information about the way our ancestors thought about the law and right relationship and all sorts of other things that are useful to know about a civilisation. They are also the predominant source of knowledge on the three Brigs in Ulster - the mother, wife and daughter of Sencha, the poet.

In this course, we'll explore the context of the law texts and what they tell us about Brigid, as well as doing a deep dive into each of the three Brigs and what we can learn from them, to put into practice in our daily lives.

Why do this course?

Have you an interest in the Brigs in Ulster? Have you a feeling that there's more to Brigid than is commonly taught or written about? Are you thinking there are elements you're missing or that aren't clicking right with you? Have you a love of learning about ancient civilisations and the weird and wonderful ways in which law developed?

If your answers to any of the above questions is "yes" then sign up! Seriously. We'll be exploring, week by week, each of the three in turn, where they might have fit in society and what we can learn from them.

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Orlagh currently describes herself as a Pagan Catholic. Her main relationship in the Irish Pantheon is with Brighid, in whatever form She chooses to present Herself. She has been working with Brigid for decades, although not always quite consciously! Orlagh runs a group on Facebook dedicated to Brighid, called Brigid's Forge and is involved with women's circles in various ways. She practices reiki & reflexology for fun; and by day, she masquerades as an engineer. Learn More at here