Grieving mother, proud daughter, worried wife?

Brig is only mentioned in one section of the Cath Maigh Tuireadh, her name used a mere three times. But in that section, she is mentioned as the mother of Ruadhán, daughter of the Dagda and at least a sexual partner of Bres.

So how important was her role? What can we put together from what we know of the culture and society she comes from? How do we extrapolate so much from this one section of the text?

This course explores the role of Brig in the CMT, the background of the manuscripts in which the story is written and how it all influences our work with and for Brigid in the modern world. Are you drawn to grieving work? Are you drawn to expressions of emotion? Are you drawn to caring for people, whether personally or on a systemic level? All this and more will be explored in this course.

Join me on the 23rd October, 7pm (Irish time!) to explore Brig and her role in CMT!

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Órlagh is an Irish Pagan Catholic, working most of the time with Irish Brigid, but sure the rest of the family drop in as they wish, as well. Órlagh works with energy, whether reiki, reflexology or her own Brigidine practices. She has a strong interest in the Irish language, speaking it, using it, learning more of it and considers it a vital part of an Irish Pagan practice (or indeed any interest in getting to know Ireland in general!) She can be found at or in the Brigid’s Forge facebook group.

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