Black and white image representing Tailtiu, with a hooded cloak, sheaf of grain in her hands, light coming from behind her

Who is Tailtiu?

There is very little written about Tailtiu (trust me, I've spent the last month searching!) and yet, she keep cropping up for me around Lúnasa in particular. So during this class, we will explore the lore we have on this reticent deity and through meditation, open ourselves to meeting her and seeing what the last Queen of the Fir Bolgs can teach us!

Being honest?

Tailtiu is not the first name that comes to mind when people say "Irish goddess" or even "Celtic goddess". For all that, the area most associated with her, Teltown, is less than half an hour from where I grew up!

So when she started showing up for me around Lúnasa last year, I wasn't overly interested. But she's persistent! And now I find myself really interested in the Fir Bolg in general, but this specific deity in particular.

On her deathbed, it's said she told her people that as long as there was a fair in Teltown, there would be music in the land. Let's explore her lore together!

Class will be live on the 17th June, 7pm GMT- can't wait to see you there! Recordings usually available within 2 days.

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