Brigid as a lover of animals?

Welcome to a journey that uncovers the profound connection between the Irish goddess Brigid and the domesticated animals that were integral to the hearth and home. Join us as we explore the relationship between Brigid and these creatures, showing the importance of the different types of livestock in Irish lives in the pre-Christian era, down to the modern day.

Find out how the cow (or indeed cattle in general) were integral to Irish society, how the pig supported food supply for many Irish families over the centuries and why the sheep is so popular in certain areas of the country.

Why does this passage link Brigid to animal royalty and what can we take from this into our modern lives?

Join me on the 16yj September, , 7pm (Irish time!) to explore Brig and her role in LGE!

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Órlagh is an Irish Pagan Catholic, working most of the time with Irish Brigid, but sure the rest of the family drop in as they wish, as well. Órlagh works with energy, whether reiki, reflexology or her own Brigidine practices. She has a strong interest in the Irish language, speaking it, using it, learning more of it and considers it a vital part of an Irish Pagan practice (or indeed any interest in getting to know Ireland in general!) She can be found at or in the Brigid’s Forge facebook group.

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