Photo shows an image of my bronze Brigid statue. She is holding a flame in her hands, wearing a long flowing dress with a belt or girdle around the waist and very long floor sweeping sleeves. She has long curly hair and a cauldron is in front of her, with a candle burning on the top of the cauldron. There is a pile of books (part of the statue) by her side. Propped up behind the figure, there is a 4-pronged Brigid's cross made from rushes and tied with white wool. At the back of the statue, there is a stone fireplace depicted, with flames within.

Imbolc approaches!

I know when I started out I was never sure how I was meant to prepare for what is meant to be our biggest festival as Brigid practitioners. Now, it's hard to say exactly what each person does or needs to do, but what is included in this course are the practical, emotional and spiritual exercises and habits that I include in my preparation. Of course these can be tailored to your own experience and needs, but the framework is a useful method to hang things from.

Enrollment in November and classess will be on a Saturday night, 9pm Irish time every second week until the end of January 2023.

Why to take this course?

Well, if you want to make preparation for Imbolc but have no idea where to start or what to do, this is course will provide a foundation framework for you to build upon. It will help if you have some knowledge of Brigid in her guises of Smith, Healer and Poet, but it's not necessary. We'll cover some of the basics as we go on. Each month, we'll take an aspect of Brigid and work with that aspect as part of our preparation. There will be homework, practical exercises and ways to build your relationship with Herself, as well as a monthly call to have a chat about how everyone is getting on.

Because of the personal attention needed in this course, numbers will be limited, so act now to claim your place!

This course is closed for enrollment.